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For many years, small business performance was said to follow a normal bell curve with the upper quartile – or “top performing” businesses – representing less than 3% of all businesses. If only 3% of businesses were market leaders, this implied that 97% of all businesses don't operate to their potential in the marketplace.

While the contemporary view of small business performance disproves a perfect normal distribution in most cases, the takeaways: (a) that there are very few market leaders and (b) that the vast majority of businesses are not operating near their potential still ring true … Ask us about the "64/4 Rule.

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Given our extensive experience working with small businesses, including many of the fastest growing privately held businesses in the United States, we are able to introduce the best practices and growth strategies that distinguish “top performers” in your industry. For this reason, we can have a transformational effect on the performance of your business.

Our comprehensive business analysis looks at over 275 qualitative and quantitative aspects of a business we summarize into a detailed findings report that provides a blueprint for maximizing the performance of your business.

If you need professional assistance with a specific business problem, if you are struggling to take your business to the next level, or if your business is not operating at its potential, contact us today to schedule a confidential, independent, third-party assessment of your business and unleash the potential of your business !

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