James J. Talerico, Jr. Certified Management Consultant

”There is first class and then there is world class … Jim Talerico is world class!”


James J. Talerico, Jr. is a nationally recognized small to mid-sized (SMB) business expert located in the Dallas – Ft. Worth area, and the CEO and Founder of Greater Prairie Business Consulting, Inc.

With more than thirty- (30) years of diversified business experience, Jim has a solid track record and an A+ BBB rating helping thousands of business owners across the US and in Canada tackle tough business problems and improve their organizational performance.

His client success stories have been highlighted in the Wall St Journal, Dallas Business Journal, Chicago Daily Herald, and on MSNBC’s Your Business. He has also consistently been ranked among the "top small business consultants” followed on Twitter.

He is a periodic guest on “The Price of Business,” a nationally syndicated radio program on Bloomberg Talk Radio, and is regularly quoted in publications like the New York Times, Dallas Morning News, Philadelphia Inquirer, and on, in addition to numerous, other industry publications, radio broadcasts, business books, and Internet media.

His public speaking experience includes a plethora of privately held businesses in addition to several business associations.

Jim is also a Certified Management Consultant (CMC) © and an active member of the Institute of Management Consultants. The Certified Management Consultant mark is awarded by the Institute of Management Consultants USA and represents evidence of the highest standards of consulting, a commitment to continuous development, and an adherence to the ethical canons of the profession. Less than 1% of all consultants in the world are Certified Management Consultants (CMC.) ©

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