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“We hired Greater Prairie Business Consulting to review our business growth strategies and vet our business plan in preparation for raising additional capital. Their consultant was very knowledgeable, dedicated, personable, and thorough.”

Emmy Award-Winning Hollywood Producer
Hollywood, CA

"Your consultant did a great job for me. I had purchased a service company that I thought would be a breeze to grow. Instead, it proved very difficult. He came in and helped us to establish a workable plan to maximize profits while growing the business. It worked, as our sales grew 500% over the following four years while maintaining an excellent return !"

HVAC Service Contractor
Charleston, SC

“Greater Prairie Business Consulting was a consultant for our business when I was President and helped me to redirect assets to more profitable enterprises. Our experience was extremely valuable and well worth the price. Greater Prairie Business Consulting added value to both our organization and its stock value. They can help any financial-based and/or service-based organization improve their profitability. Their consultant was very knowledgeable and had an acute business sense. I consider Greater Prairie Business Consulting a very valuable contact and intend to use them again in the future.”

OTC Listed Mortgage Broker / Banker
Houston, TX

“Three months after our consulting engagement our cash flow is better, our sales and profits are higher, our operation is more efficient in many areas, and our costs are lower !”

Center City Caterer
Downtown Philadelphia, PA

“Looking back on our consulting project a year and a half later, our profits increased significantly, which allowed us to considerably reduce our debt. We are very happy with our experience with your consultant.”

Heavy Industrial Specialty Contractor
Amarillo, TX

“In the four years since our consulting project, our sales have doubled, and our profit margins have also increased. Needless to say, the consulting we received was an investment that paid for itself several times over.”

Construction Company Subcontractor
West Lafayette, IN

“Several years ago, Jim Talerico worked with us to redesign our sales commission plans and provided top notch training to our sales department. He also guided us to opportunities that allowed us to grow successfully. “Last year, we received industry recognition as one of the top dealers in North America by our OEM.”

Forklift Dealership
With Locations in Cleveland, Akron & Toledo, OH

“Although we are an established roofing contractor in Mississippi, like other businesses, we struggled to maintain our margins after the credit crunch.

Your consultant was extremely knowledgeable about our industry and how to introduce change in an organization of over 100 employees. I had always struggled with the best way to introduce employee incentives, your consultant provided the missing pieces. He even presented tax strategies overlooked by our tax professionals. In all my years of business, I felt that your consultant was as bright as anyone I have ever dealt with.

We just closed our year, and we reached our targeted profit objective. Needless to say, we were very happy with the services we received, and we would highly recommend Greater Prairie Business Consulting, Inc. to any small business looking to maintain their competitive edge in today's marketplace.

Many people put themselves out there as consultants, but Greater Prairie Business Consulting, Inc. is a firm, from my experience, that gets results !!!”

Roofing Contractor
Hattiesburg, MS

“When you make an investment to improve your business by hiring outside consultants, the quality of the consulting after the project to ensure that the company ultimately reaches its goals and objectives is as critical as the consulting that takes place during the project itself.

In my opinion, your follow-up program allowed us to objectively measure the results of our performance, celebrate our successes, see where we continue to fall short, and develop strategies to further improve as an organization.

Whenever my employees or I called you with a question, your response was both prompt and to our complete satisfaction.

Thank you again for your patience, guidance and continued support.”

Industrial Wholesale Supplier
Memphis, TN

“Greater Prairie Business Consulting, Inc. completed a consulting project for our business two years ago. The advice we received was outstanding and the project ROI was significant. As we have doubled in size since that consulting project, we felt it would be beneficial to meet with Jim again and have him look at our present business, assess our progress, and help us with some new challenges.

This follow-up consulting project was beneficial for several reasons:

- Jim pointed out recommendations he made when he was here two years ago that we did not act on, improving our original project ROI;

- During this visit, Jim made several new recommendations that, again, more than paid for his services. These recommendations not only improved our pricing but also reduced our operating expenses and strengthen our policies & procedures; and

- Jim confirmed our thoughts about a few things we still need to work on, in addition to helping us with a handful of new things we needed his assistance with to take our business to the next level.

I believe every business owner can benefit from periodically having an objective third party review from someone with a wealth of business experience like Jim to point out things beyond the collective skill set of their organization.

With Greater Prairie Business Consulting, Inc.'s 2 to 1 guarantee, it is a no brainer for maintaining your competitive advantage in today’s marketplace ! ”

INC 5000 Commercial Landscaper
Nashville, TN

“As an MBA with a concentration in Entrepreneurship, I have nearly all of the tools necessary to make a business work; however, this experience has provided several new insights … and the project has more than paid for itself in six short months !”

Home Health Agency
Dallas, TX

We are very pleased with Jim's work at our firm. His manner is professional, sincere, and reassuring. He is an excellent communicator and educator. He is efficient, very productive, experienced, and sharp. He has given us tools to achieve greater profitability while ensuring our understanding and comfort with the process.

We appreciated Jim's experience with engineering firms, familiarity with our service-based product, and his knowledge of organizational structure and financial systems. Jim is aware of the challenges of our business, clients, customers, and staff. He has provided insightful solutions and encouraged us to make positive change.

We are happy with the ownership succession plan he assisted us with, as well as the action plan he created to helped us implement the best financial software for our industry.

Engineering Firm
Muskegon, MI

“It is my pleasure to recommend your firm. We worked with your consultant to assist our company with improving our business operations through improved process, procedures, and communication. We worked directly with your consultant for approximately three- (3) months and made tremendous progress !

He provided top-notch, quality consulting services. Everyone involved with the process remains very pleased with the results, and we continue to see improvements in both the environment and performance of our company resulting from the experience.”

Inc 5,000 & Fast 50 MEP Design Build Contractor
Louisville, KY

“I sought out your assistance because of the knowledge and the process that you are able to implement in a short period of time. I view your consultant as an expert in many industries, and he has addressed my concerns that I had about managing my small business. He brought a systematic approach that I could understand in a short period that has had an impact on my business. His patience and diligence helping our business was outstanding. He is very dedicated to seeing companies improve and informing business owners how to improve their business with some simple adjustments.

The best part of this process is that we now have a system in place that we can go back to if we get off track. There are so many tools that will help us monitor our business on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Before working with your consultant, we did not have an approach for managing the business that was organized. The cash flow forecast your consultant created for our business was eye opening and has helped me out tremendously to hold my people accountable. We now have goals based on this cash flow forecast that we have been able to achieve.

I think the recommendations that your consultant has made are already starting to make a positive difference. The budget, goals, and objectives were in line with my vision for the company and will now hold me accountable making sure that these actions take place.

I believe that getting the foundations from Greater Prairie Business Consulting is critical in establishing a well-constructed business. They have the building blocks that can help any small business to be more successful.

Owner of Two-(2) Businesses on the INC 5,000 List of Fastest Growing Companies
Canton, OH

"Your consultant has allowed me to review the business and start methods I never had time to begin ... The return on investment increases daily ... I will gladly - and already have - referred small business leaders looking to streamline their business to your firm."

INC 5,000, WPO 50 Fastest Woman Led Companies & Florida Companies to Watch Food Manufacturer
Orlando, FL

"I decided to hire an outside consulting firm because I wanted some assistance with better structuring my company to meet our future goals & objectives.

During the last few months, I feel that your consultant has provided a structure to work with that will allow the company to progress to the next level.

Changes in the shop, which include the introduction of lean manufacturing procedures and the hiring of a tool crib attendant will have a big impact on our future productivity in the shop.

Bringing on an HR person has also provided a much-needed resource to the company and has helped us recruit for open positions in a very tight labor market.

The employee job descriptions they created for each of the positions in our company will, moreover, be very helpful when it comes to defining job expectations, identifying when raises are appropriate, and when doing periodic employee evaluations.

The referral of a tax planning expert - along with other professional resources - will save us a significant amount of money on our taxes, has helped position us to create accurate, future financial statements, and has also been very beneficial in reshaping my future succession plan.

I, furthermore, feel that I have more confidence when I speak to my employees and make business decisions because I have gone through this process.

I believe that the project ROI will be significant … noticeable in the near term and have a long-term lasting effect on our company."

CNC Machine Shop
San Jose, CA

"You were 100 times better than the last consultants we had in here !"

Co-Owner, Metal Framing & Drywall Contractor
Tucson, AZ

“Working with your firm was the best business decision I ever made !”

Plumbing Wholesaler / Retailer
Fostoria, OH

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